Cannot access KVM using virsh console after KVM rebooted or shut off

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Dear all,

I used ssh with -X option to connect to an Ubuntu remote server where I applied virsh 
(libvirt) to manage my KVM virtual machines, and my local machine is MacOS. Then, 
I used virt-install to install a Tiny Core Linux VM, and I got a pop-up Virt Viewer window 
(via XQuartz) which is the console for my Tiny Core VM. However, if I rebooted my VM, 
then I checked the VM state by virsh list --all which was running. Then, I tried 
`virsh console my_vm_domain` but this command got stuck on:
> Connected to domain my_vm_domain
> Escape character is ^]

The `virsh console` command hung without any response. This issue also happened when 
I used virsh console after I shut down and later started the VM. Even the VM was already 
started, I cannot return to the VM console by `virsh console`.

I can get the VM console in Virt Viewer at the first boot (using virt-install). 
But, if I shutdown the VM once, I can never access the VM console by virsh console even 
the VM state is running. Any idea about how to use virsh console? 


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