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Gunnar wrote:
> I am doing a retraining as IT-specialist atm and have 2 weeks full time
> ahead to dive into virtualization.
> The main training will we looking at Hyper-V which I have not interest
> whatsoever in.
> Now I want to get a good grip on the libvirt/kvm/qemu side of things and
> am looking for good learning resource to dive into for this.
> Can anybody recommend anything?
>    * I like video but am able to read
>    * "just google around a bit"/"search on youtube" is not the kind of
>      recommendations I am up for (I will do this if noting else comes out
>      of this anyway)
>    * I'd like to go from 0 to hero (even though I am a bit above 0
>      already, but like to start from the ground)
>    * alternatively proxmox would be a topic worth considering for me
> looking forward to any recommendation in this.
> thx and best
> Gunnar


I'd recommend reading the oVirt/RHEV documentation:

Start with 'Planning' and go on from there.

I also recommend that you build a test environment, if you have a 
reasonably powerful workstation or small server, you can build a virtual 
oVirt environment using qemu-kvm or VirtualBox. You could also just use 
a few spare PC's if you have any.



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