DAC & glusterFS - errors

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Hi guys

I'm trying to spin up a VM whose image is on a GlusterFS vol, and I fail:

-> $ virsh create /var/lib/pacemaker/conf.d/win10Pro.xml
error: Failed to create domain from /var/lib/pacemaker/conf.d/win10Pro.xml error: failed to initialize gluster connection (src=0x7f0af807b410 priv=0x7f0af8090070): Invalid argument

In logs:
2021-07-05 21:13:12.950+0000: 141524: warning : virSecurityDACSetOwnership:828 : Unable to restore label on 'win10Pro.qcow2'. XATTRs might have been left in inconsistent state. internal error: child reported (status=125): failed to initialize gluster connection (src=0x7f0b00097030 priv=0x7f0b000956c0): Invalid argument

Any ideas & suggestions greatly appreciated.
thanks, L.

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