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On 20240521 23:31:32, Michael Hennebry wrote:
I'm running F38 with an Arris router provided by Midcontinent.
The connection is by ethernet cable.
Somehow the router got into bridge mode which turns off wifi.
I've tried to login to turn off bridge mode.
No go.
I eventually get a popup saying the operation timed out.
After dismissing the popup, I get another popup saying
that the reason was that the router connection was lost.

How do I figure out what is going on?
What do I do about it?
Power cycling has not helped.

How many young goats do I need?

Have you tried a full reset on the device? Instrux are usually in supplied documentation and/or on a sticker on the device. That is how I got out of bridge mode on an old (old old) Engenius WiFi router more than once.


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