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On 5/21/24 23:48, Michael Hennebry wrote:
On Tue, 21 May 2024, Samuel Sieb wrote:

You probably need your ISP to do that.  Once it's in bridge mode, it's basically invisible.  Whatever device is connected to it has a direct internet connection now.  You might be able to access it if you can figure out the IP address.  Do you remember what its IP address was before it went to bridge mode?  If so, you can try setting the attached device to a static IP address in the same range and try to connect. gets me to the router login page.
I just cannot login any more.
I have logged in before.
My expectation is that I can get it out of bridge mode if I can login.
The attached device is a Midco-supplied Tivo.
I think I could get it to tell me its IP address,
but I suspect it wouldn't matter,
as I am not trying to connect my PC to the Tivo.
Also the cable from my office to the Tivo in
the living room would be a major tripping hazard.

How do I figure out why I cannot login?

Do you have access to the internet through the router? You've said you can ping but I've had situations where ping works but networking doesn't.

I don't know how much you know about bridge mode but here's a quick explanation.

What was previously your gateway address now becomes your wan's IP address (probably your first enpXXs0 or eth0). Your router's gateway address is now your gateway address. Your lan, probably a 192 something is not routable, so it's floating out there between your machine's new IP address and the gateway. Getting yourself setup as the customer end of the network might make the router happy enough to get you into it.

Now I don't see how that affects your inability to login to the router but I do know when things get out of whack it can have mysterious side effects such as icmp works but tcp and udp don't. Once you reach a point where you can login getting out of bridge mode is just a couple of clicks.

Does the Arris have any sort of *hard* reset? If so you may have luck reconfiguring the router yourself. It should default to NOT having passthru (bridge mode). Again, I'm not familiar with the Arris but many of these things have the default password on the device label. Verrry high security, that ;/

If all fails your provider can access the router from their end. How they do so is another mystery in itself.

Good luck!

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