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On Mon, 2024-05-13 at 05:35 -0700, ToddAndMargo via users wrote:
> One of the other things I like about remote assistance
> software is that I can doodle on the screen.  I love to
> make a YUGE red arrow to what they say does not exist
> on their screens.  I love to hear them say "oh".

I hate doing telephone tech support, even though I only do it for a
couple of people, it makes you want to throttle them.  I did a remote
desktop fix-up of a friend's PC many years ago, where I drove their
mouse while looking at their screen, but talking people though things
is such a huge damn waste of time.  Hours of your time to do a two
minute job.  It's less time to go there in person, or get them to bring
it over.

- Open the preferences or settings.
- Where is that?
- Look in the menu.  The menu for the application you're trying to fix,
not the desktop.  It's in the first menu, just look for it.
- I can't see preferences.

Then they start reading out loud everything they can see (and of course
don't see what they're supposed to be looking for, even when in the
right place to find it).  And then they randomly try out completely
unrelated things.

Me, sitting at home with the same software, looking at it and trying to
interrupt them talking to tell them them top left menu, second item
from the bottom it says preferences.

I have actually told them to "stop doing things I haven't told you to
do, and just do what I said."

What I want to say, but don't:  FFS read the menus, yourself, don't
dictate the whole damn thing to me!  When you find preferences open it,
tell me when you've done that.  Telling me a pile of other things
doesn't do any good.  You need to open the "preferences" not other
things.  Have you still got the box?  Well put it back in the box and
take it back.

And these people drive cars, through traffic, and could wipe out dozens
of lives from inability to use equipment sensibly...   Grrrrrrr!!

We have GUIs, with labels that tell the user what the function is. 
Apply a bit of thought and you can work things out for yourself.  They
have pop-up tool-tips that give a bit more info.  There's a manual full
of information.  There's preferences (or "settings") with labelled
functions.  It's in categories.  If you just looked at your options and
read them, you ought to be able to figure out how to do things.  That's
how I did it, it's not bloody magic.

Ever since I ditched Windows decades ago, that nightmare has almost
gone away for me.  They ask me for help and I say that I don't use
Windows any more, I can't advise them on windows-specific things.  No,
I can't tell you which anti-virus software is best, I don't use them. 
I don't need to.  My system isn't a plethora of security holes, and I
don't compromise my system through doing stupid things (that anti-virus
wouldn't stop, anyway - how many people just cancel all the warnings,
damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead).

I can't say I like helping people with Ubuntu, either.  It's desktop
and multitude of software install/update gadgets are a complete mess.

I remember when I first got on the internet.  I didn't need the ISPs
tech-support to waste forever and day trying to guide me through
configuring my settings to get online.  I just needed to be told the
DNS and mail server addresses for their systems.  I could figure out
where to type them in, it wasn't difficult.
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