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On 5/12/24 06:22, Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
Watching thread, and wondering why you are looking at AnyDesk
if they don't want to support Fedora? Not sure if they have a
special feature you are looking at? Haven't used that Program at
all, but seems to be a remote desktop program.

I've used TightVNC, TigerVNC, and currently using TurboVNC.

TigerVNC is the somewhat default version for Fedora, but I've
currently had good results with the TurboVNC with the XFCE
desktop myself.

Hi Michael,

I am providing remote support for many of my customers.
They are mostly Windows users.  I wish I had more
Linux customers, but it is what it is.  I would not
have a job if not for Windows poor quality.

I first used Go To Assist, but dropped them for their lack
of Linux support and ignoring bug and enhancement reports.
I also did not care for having to run it out of a Windows
virtual machine.

I looked at Team Viewer, but they are very, very expensive
and "Woke" as well, which means they are no longer hiring
based on merit and their product(s) will/are deteriorating
because of it.

The reason for AnyDesk and such is that it get around
firewalls/routers.  If a customer calls, there is no way
I would be able to coach then through installing a port
forward on their firewall/router which are required
for the various VNC's.  I am lucky if most of my customers
know how to use their keyboards. (I still have to assist
them with finding the "Win" and "Esc" keys.  Sometimes
even the "Enter" key.)

I landed on Any desk because it is reasonably priced,
supports Linux, is quite snappy (fast), is able to get around
several technical problems with Go To Assist, their
tech support is responsive, they take bug reports.

Although, if the report is specifically Fedora, the
second tier sends you back their supported linux spins.
They support CentOS and RHEL.  So I am currently
installing a Virtual Machine of CentOS to reproduce
any issues, so second tier can not weasel out of it.

Any Desk's RHEL rpm works rather well (except for the
lightdm issue) in Fedora and certainly gets around a
ton of issues that Go To Assist plagued me with.
AnyDesk's Multi Factor Authentication is rather easy
to set up too.  I prefer Red Hat's FreeOTP (Cell phones)
and Fedora's Keysmith for such.


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