Re: Unable to do F40 Live Workstation install on machine with very old graphics

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I found a solution. When booting the live image, I went into the Troubleshooting menu and looked at the boot options for starting in basic graphics mode. It had not only "nomodeset" but also "vga=791". By booting with both of those, not just "nomodeset", I can boot the live image into graphical mode. Also, after installation, using the same options I was able to go back to gdm as the DM and everything works properly.

I found that liveinst DOES have a --vnc option, but I couldn't get it to work, either after booting the live image with option "3", or booting into graphical, opening a terminal, logging in as root and running "liveinst --vnc" from there. Either way it fails with a traceback (I got different tracebacks each time I tried.) I don't know why the option is there if it doesn't actually work, would be nice if it did.
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