Re: Stuck at grub prompt after reordering partitions

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On Wed, Apr 17, 2024 at 12:42 PM Klaus-Peter Schrage via users
<users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I faintly remembered the dracut thing, so I tried that first - but it
> didn't help.

If the other problems aren't resolved, rebuilding initramfs probably won't help.

> I will look into the UUID stuff tomorrow, although I had already checked
> that gparted really did not change UUIDs when  moving partitions around.
> And as I said, I can get into Fedora after fiddling with the Grub
> commandline.

Make sure you are looking at the correct UUIDs.  Each partition will
have a UUID and a PARTUUID.  In my case I needed the *new* UUID for
the root partition in both of the grub.cfg files (*not* the PARTUUID).
IIRC, I was getting dropped into the dracut shell (not grub) until I
updated both of the grub.cfg files, and then was stopped at the grub
prompt until I found and updated /etc/kernel/cmdline *and* rebuilt the

So maybe you just need that last bit....

When I did my updates, I knew I needed to update /etc/fstab and
/boot/grub2/grub.cfg, and rebuild initramfs, but was not aware of the
EFI grub.cfg, and then was not aware of dracut using
/etc/kernel/cmdline as part of the initramfs.  It was an interesting
adventure digging through all the google results until I found the
relevant info.
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