Re: crippling nvidia display issue.

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On 4/11/24 11:19 AM, home user wrote:

After a few days of being seriously side-tracked, I can try to get back to this.

Those who explained the kernel numbering: thank-you.

(f-38; stand-alone work station; nvidia graphics card; dual monitor; kmod 4xx driver)

I just finished doing a "dnf upgrade" as a prerequisite step to upgrading from f-38 to f-39.
There were no hints of any problems.  The kernel and the graphics driver were replaced during this "dnf upgrade".
The akmods did finish before I rebooted.
The shutdown took 5 minutes because it ran akmods (a second time?!).
During the boot-up, there was a message that it was failing back to nouveau.
The display is not working properly; only one monitor is being used and everything is oversized in the display.
I am not comfortable proceeding with the f-38 to f-39 upgrade with the work station in this condition.

Important: I have only one old kernel.  I have no rescue kernel.

How do I get this workstation working properly?

A. nvidia's proprietary drivers.

I finally just nuked all the RPMFusion packages and downloaded the drivers directly from and ran the installer from there. It works fine again.

I can tell you that building the 2 or 3 nvidia 470xx packages
works well for the later 6.7 and current 6.8 kernels.

and there's....
AIUI we are moving from X11 graphics towards Wayland, which the nvidia driver will not support...

So, not sure if this is a kernel issue, or the driver issue, but seems neither rpmfusiong or nvidia's driver will work any longer?

These seem to me to be inconsistent with each other.  What am I missing?

B. nvidia and Fedora.

From posts in this thread, I gather that
1. nvidia users can no longer use Fedora, and
2. Fedora users can no longer use nvidia.
Is this correct?
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