Re: crippling nvidia display issue.

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On 4/11/24 11:19 AM, home user wrote:
(f-38; stand-alone work station; nvidia graphics card; dual monitor; kmod 4xx driver)

I just finished doing a "dnf upgrade" as a prerequisite step to upgrading from f-38 to f-39.
There were no hints of any problems.  The kernel and the graphics driver were replaced during this "dnf upgrade".
The akmods did finish before I rebooted.
The shutdown took 5 minutes because it ran akmods (a second time?!).
During the boot-up, there was a message that it was failing back to nouveau.
The display is not working properly; only one monitor is being used and everything is oversized in the display.
I am not comfortable proceeding with the f-38 to f-39 upgrade with the work station in this condition.

Important: I have only one old kernel.  I have no rescue kernel.

How do I get this workstation working properly?

I looked at the dnf logs.  Something caught my attention.  I put the file on the google drive as "dnflog.txt".  It does not show properly in google's preview, but you should be able to download it and view it with vim.  There are "non-printing" characters; I don't know how to fix or remove those.  Here is the link:


In that log file, comparing last week's patches with this morning's patches...
(last week, April 04)
start at line 3 (dnf --refresh upgrade dnf)
lines 24-33... accessing rpmfusion.
end at line 104 (dnf --refresh upgrade dnf)
start at line 105 (dnf upgrade)
lines 122-129...accessing rpmfusion.
lines 135-139...kernel 6.7.11 updates.
lines 266-270...kernel 6.7.9 erasings.
line 271...kmod-nvidia-470xx-6.7.9-100.fc38.x86_64.x86_64 3:470.223.02-2.fc38 will be erased.
lines 279-283...installing kernel 6.7.11.
lines 349-353...removing kernel 6.7.9.
lines 354-355...removing dependent package kmod-nvidia-470xx-6.7.9-100.fc38.x86_64 3:470.223.02-2.fc38.
lines 445-449...installed kernel 6.7.11.
lines 450-454...removed kernel 6.7.9.
line 455...removed kmod-nvidia-470xx-6.7.9-100.fc38.x86_64-3:470.223.02-2.fc38.x86_64.
lines 540-569...installed kmod-nvidia-470xx-6.7.11-100.fc38.x86_64x86_64  3:470.223.02-2.fc38.
end at line 571 (dnf upgrade)
(this morning, April 11)
start at line 572 (dnf --refresh upgrade dnf)
lines 593-603...accessing rpmfusion.  notice "curl error" in line 603.
end at line 615 (dnf --refresh upgrade dnf)
start at line 616 (dnf upgrade)
lines 633-640...accessing rpmfusion.
lines 646-650...kernel 6.8.4 updates.
lines 731-735...kernel 6.7.10 erasings.
line 736...kmod-nvidia-470xx-6.7.10-100.fc38.x86_64.x86_64 3:470.223.02-2.fc38 will be erased.
lines 744-748...installing kernel 6.8.4.
lines 791-795...removing kernel 6.7.10.
lines 796-797...removing dependent package kmod-nvidia-470xx-6.7.10-100.fc38.x86_64 3:470.223.02-2.fc38.
lines 884-888...installed kernel 6.8.4.
lines 889-893...removed kernel 6.7.10.
line 894...removed kmod-nvidia-470xx-6.7.10-100.fc38.x86_64-3:470.223.02-2.fc38.x86_64
end at line 942 (dnf upgrade)
This morning's run has the curl error.
This morning's run has nothing corresponding to last week's lines 540-569.
Beyond that, I'm stumped.

I hope this helps someone to help me.
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