Re: systemd-networkd-wait-online times out

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Tim via users writes:

On Tue, 2024-04-09 at 22:12 -0400, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Everything comes up normally. Network connectivity on this box is normal.
> Originally I was looking into why it took a long time for keepalived to come
> up on this box and grab its virtual IP address, and I determined that
> keepalived simply started after quite a bit of time elapsed before systemd
> deemed it necessary to start keepalived. And when I tried to figure out
> why's that, I discovered this to be the culprit.

You say that networking is working, but is whatever doling out IP
addresses working well (i.e. responding rapidly).

Yes it is. It is the very same box. I haven't looked closely, but dhcpd should be up.

This box has static IP addresses. It is my LAN's router, with static IP addresses defined for all of its interfaces.

And since you mention virtual IP addresses, is it two things?  Local IP
address allocation, and a secondary one?

Yes, two things. It has static IP addresses on its network interfaces, then keepalived attaches a virtual IP address to one of them, which failed over to a secondary while it is rebooting.

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