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Any takes on this, guys?


On 2024-03-23 11:30, Frank Bures wrote:

I have several separate file systems, amongst them /home on btrfs and media depository /archives on xfs (RAID-5).

I am running Win11 guest in QEMU on F39 host.  I installed winfsp in the guest and I can access my /home in Win11 guest.

However, if I "Add Hardware" in Virtual HW details and create another virtiofs from /archives, I cannot see the file systems in Win11 guest.

Is that a known limitation (only one virtiofs mounted at the time), or am I doing something wrong?

Neither of


indicate any obvious errors.  They are in fact identical.

Question 2:
I do not see existing soft links in /home on Win11 guest.  Is that intentional?



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