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On Tue, 2024-03-26 at 09:56 +0100, Winfried de Heiden wrote:
> Most likely, today Fedora 40 Beta will be released. Well, I couldn't
> wait, so I already downloaded it yesterday. (yes you can....) 
> Fedora 40 will include Gnome 46 with a cool new feature: Remote Login
> with RDP. (
> However, it does not seem to work in Fedora 40-Beta; I guess because
> there is still an old Gnome 45 packakge included: 
> cat /etc/redhat-release; rpm -qi gnome-remote-desktop 
> Fedora release 40 (Forty) 

Since it's not yet released, the place to post this is the Fedora Test
list. That's where testers hang out, while at least some do not read
this list.

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