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I have a problem with okular not displaying images from a .ps file created with LaTaX containing .eps images (updated F39, KDE, X11).
error is:
rg.kde.okular.generators.dvi.core: ghostview could not be started
org.kde.okular.generators.dvi.core: GS did not produce output.

Looking around it seems that newer Ghostscript requires libspectre version 0.2.9
I have /usr/lib64/ while a "dnf info libspectre" shows
Name         : libspectre
Version      : 0.2.12
I tried a "dnf update libspectre" -> nothing to do
As I found out I already have that version but it seems that it contains version 1.1.2!
rpm -ql libspectre-0.2.12-4.fc39.x86_64

I am not sure what to do.

Any advice?

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