Noticed Failed message with selinux-policy-targeted on 3 of 5 machines??

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In running dnf update on 5 machines noticed a fail message on 3 or 5?
To double check ran dnf reinstall selinux* and get this on failing systems?

Running transaction check
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test
Transaction test succeeded.
Running transaction
    Running scriptlet: selinux-policy-minimum-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      1/1 
    Running scriptlet: selinux-policy-targeted-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      1/1 
    Preparing :       1/1 
    Reinstalling      : selinux-policy-38.28-1.fc38.noarch 1/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-38.28-1.fc38.noarch  1/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-minimum-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      2/8 
    Reinstalling      : selinux-policy-minimum-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      2/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-minimum-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      2/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-targeted-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      3/8 
    Reinstalling      : selinux-policy-targeted-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      3/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-targeted-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      3/8 
Failed to resolve allow statement at 
Failed to resolve AST
/usr/sbin/semodule:    Failed!

    Reinstalling      : selinux-policy-devel-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      4/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-devel-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      4/8 
    Cleanup           : selinux-policy-devel-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      5/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      6/8 
    Cleanup           : selinux-policy-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      6/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      6/8 
    Cleanup           : selinux-policy-minimum-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      7/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-minimum-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      7/8 
    Cleanup           : selinux-policy-targeted-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      8/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-targeted-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      8/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-minimum-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      8/8 
    Running scriptlet : selinux-policy-targeted-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      8/8 
    Verifying         : selinux-policy-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      1/8 
    Verifying         : selinux-policy-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      2/8 
    Verifying         : selinux-policy-devel-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      3/8 
    Verifying         : selinux-policy-devel-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      4/8 
    Verifying         : selinux-policy-minimum-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      5/8 
    Verifying         : selinux-policy-minimum-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      6/8 
    Verifying         : selinux-policy-targeted-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      7/8 
    Verifying         : selinux-policy-targeted-38.28-1.fc38.noarch      8/8 



Other day get a message about about regex version not matching, and was told to 
reintall container-selinux. That doesn't seem to fix issue.
Did find changing to minimum option gets rid of the regex message?
But why 2 of the machines seem to have no problem, but other 3 get same message?
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