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On 9/7/23 10:33, George N. White III wrote:
On Thu, Sep 7, 2023 at 10:15 AM ToddAndMargo via users <users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi All,

    Fedora 38

    I just discovered the NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner)
    is now available as an RPM.  (It saves images too.) <>

NAPS2 also provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR).  I once spent a summer doing data rescue on text files transferred from a CDC mainframe that ended up with missing and/or duplicated blocks of data.  The backups were PDF's from scanned data reports, so I
used OCR to recover missing blocks of data.

George N. White III

Now that I have go to try out!

I have been using Master PDF Editor's OCR, which
stinks (the rest of Master PDF Editor is good

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