Re: Gnome: I'm looking for a way to make a button on tray or top bar that does what alt-tab function key does

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Il giorno ven, 08/09/2023 alle 10.32 -0700, Samuel Sieb ha scritto:
> You want a single button that will do the action of alt-tab? 


> What is the purpose?

See below

> And do you realize that doing alt-tab multiple times
> will only switch repeatedly between two windows?

yes, but the extension would be more smart, and for example, using left
and right mouse button you can swap more time forward or backward from
open windows

when I have my right hand on the mouse, and I bring up a window in the
foreground or open a new windows, then to return to the previous one
windows I should use my left hand and press alt-tab.
If I had a button on the top bar I would only have to press that to
return to the previous window, and press it more time to swap from two

the extension should simulate the use of alt-tab, so pressing the
button once swaps current window with previous, two quick clicks or
more, swaps two or more windows.

I believe that a function like this could be useful and simple to
build, but I'm not a programmer and I struggle to implement it.
So I used argos + xdotool and it works.

Thanks Dario
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