Re: Last kernel update leads to emergency mode

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On Thu, 24 Aug 2023 17:44:52 +0100
Paul Smith <phhs80@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have been able to take a screen-shot:

This means that dracut was unable to start systemd in order to continue
the boot once the initramfs was finished creating the bootstrap.  I
have had this happen, but not with stock kernels.  I build custom
kernels, and dracut was not building a complete initramfs when
they were installed.  I had to write a script that created a custom file
that told dracut to include all missing libraries, and run dracut again
after install to fix the problem.  The missing libraries included some
vital systemd libraries.  Because library versions change, I run the
script to be sure that the custom file includes the latest libraries.
If this *is* the cause, it will be obvious in /boot. The failing
initramfs size will be about half the size of an initramfs file that
works.  I could not find any reason that dracut wasn't working properly
when it first installed the kernel; all the settings said it should
have put those libraries in, but I just could not get it to do so.

If it is your issue, post back and I'll attach the file of libraries and
the directory to put it in, as well as the dracut command to run.  They
might not work for you, since the version has to be included.  There is
also a way to actually examine what is in the initramfs, so you could
see if the systemd libraries were there. From the dracut man page,

Inspecting the Contents
       To see the contents of the image created by dracut, you can use
the lsinitrd tool.
           # lsinitrd | less
       To display the contents of a file in the initramfs also use the
lsinitrd tool:
           # lsinitrd -f /etc/
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