Re: Last kernel update leads to emergency mode

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On 8/24/23 09:44, Paul Smith wrote:
On Thu, Aug 24, 2023 at 4:26 PM Ranjan Maitra <mlmaitra@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Are other also experience that with the new kernel:


I have already file a bug but no answer:

I didn't have any problems, but I updated to 6.4.11 this morning so
maybe try that.

Thanks, Patrick: My bad: the problematic kernel is:


Can you boot into the older kernel?

Yes, Ranjan, I can boot into an older kernel. Thanks!

When such a thing very rarely has happened to me, it usually means that grub did not  finish installing the new kernel update. Try reinstalling perhaps? Or rebuild grub?

Thanks, Rajan and old sixpack13. I have tried to remove and then
install the problematic kernel, but that does not fix the problem,

I have been able to take a screen-shot:

If you remove the "quiet rhgb" from the end of the grub line before booting, you might be able to see better what's failing at the end.
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