Re: slowness with kernel 6.4.10 and software raid

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On Fri, Aug 18, 2023 at 5:21 PM Samuel Sieb <samuel@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 8/18/23 13:15, Ranjan Maitra wrote:
> Thanks, so are there two drives that are bad? Sorry, I am confused. It is likely no longer in warranty: the one with /home is new (I think) and also the /mnt/backup (which is a rsync-based backup I do so as to actually be able to see these files, and also as a more reliable backup that i can actually see). Outside this, I have a / drive  that is a smaller SSD. I also used to have that raided, but that other / drive died and I never got to replacing it.
> So, my question is that is it only the raid drive /dev/sda that is bad, or is there something else that you can see based on the report?

The logs only indicate that sda is bad.  There are no errors for sdc.

My experience has been that manufacturers have become good at optimizing
drives so they start failing just after the warranty ends.  A few will fail before
end-of-warranty.  I used to proactively replace drives at end-of-warranty so I could
pick a time when users didn't have urgent demands.  I also bought a few spares 
to replace drives that would fail early to minimize impacts on users.  Cost of spares
is much less than the cost of downtime, and there were always some non-critical
need for temporary drive space which could be met by putting a spare drive in
an external case.

George N. White III

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