Re: slowness with kernel 6.4.10 and software raid

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On 8/17/23 21:38, Ranjan Maitra wrote:
$ cat /proc/mdstat
  Personalities : [raid1]
  md126 : active raid1 sda[1] sdc[0]
        1855870976 blocks super external:/md127/0 [2/2] [UU]
        [=>...................]  check =  8.8% (165001216/1855870976) finish=45465.2min speed=619K/sec

  md127 : inactive sda[1](S) sdc[0](S)
        10402 blocks super external:imsm

  unused devices: <none>

I am not sure what it is doing, and I am a bit concerned that this will go on at this rate for about 20 days. No knowing what will happen after that, and also if this problem will recur with another reboot.

After a certain amount of time, mdraid will do a verification of the data where it scans the entire array. If you reboot, it will continue from where it left off. But that is *really* slow, so you should find out what's going on there.
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