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François Patte wrote:
> What could be helpfull would be to tell people how to create a SHA2
> signature key....
> I have a ssh connexion problem after upgrading a remote machine to f38 and
> it is hard to find out what to do to solve the problem.
> I succeeded (at last!):
> ssh-keygen -t rsa-sha2-256 -b 4096

There's no need for that.  A simply ssh-keygen -t rsa works
(with -b if you want more than the default 3072 bits).

You've actually used a (very slightly) weaker signature
algorithm than the default. ;)

ssh-keygen(1) says:

    -t dsa | ecdsa | ecdsa-sk | ed25519 | ed25519-sk | rsa

        Specifies the type of key to create.  The possible values are
        “dsa”, “ecdsa”, “ecdsa-sk”, “ed25519”, “ed25519-sk”, or “rsa”.

        This flag may also be used to specify the desired signature type
        when signing certificates using an RSA CA key.  The available
        RSA signature variants are “ssh-rsa” (SHA1 signatures, not
        recommended), “rsa-sha2-256”, and “rsa-sha2-512” (the


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