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Mike Wright wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recall a discussion that may have said RSA was not being accepted in f38
> and a different type was being preferred, possibly ecdsa?

It's only old RSA1 keys which use SHA1 which are not
accepted by default.  RSA keys which use a SHA2 algorithm
are perfectly acceptable.

Though you may use ECDSA or ED25519 keys instead.

> Can anybody point me to that? (date or subject would help me search)

I think this is the relevant change:

> I generated an ECDSA pair.  The public key seems awfully short.

They don't need to be as large as an RSA key to have similar
strength.  Though there are reasonable concerns regarding
ECDSA.  Refer to the "Concerns" section of the Wikipedia
page for a starting point:

Or, if you're really into diving in the weeds:


One possible downside to ED25519 is that it's not as widely
supported.  But unless you depend on some rather old
systems, that's not likely a real issue.


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