Re: Broken Packages DNF update /Dorian Rosse/Tom Horsley. FFmpeg / VLC.

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On 8/10/23 12:28, Ger van Dijck wrote:
In the recent past I had problems with skipping packages with broken dependencies : ffmpeg-libs , libavdevice : Dorian Rosse adviced to install with  " rpmfind ffmpeg-libs and libavdevice".

No result.

Tom Horsley did advice  "dnf swap ffmpeg-free ffmpeg --allowerasing".

Result  skip broken dependencies ffmpeg (new !) , ffmpeg-libs , libavdevice : So no result.

I solved the problem with dnf update ffmpeg --allowerase and all problems where sollved.

Now Tom has a new problem with VLC player. Well so have I : What is wrong with ffmpeg ?

Dnf wants to update Live 555 to 2023.06.20-2.f38 , when doing so the vlc player cannot be launched anymore.

So I found the following solution "dnf install vlc" : The result a downgrade on Live 555 and big surprice all (VLC) runs fine !

So do not update Live 555.

One way or another I have the impression that DNF is for the most of us to complex.

It has nothing particularly to do with dnf itself. The problem is between the Fedora repos and rpmfusion repos. It's difficult to coordinate releasing updates at the same time, so sometimes there is a delay between dependent packages getting released. If you wait a few days, it should be resolved.

If you install packages from rpmfusion, you have to realize that you might occasionally have update issues.
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