Broken Packages DNF update /Dorian Rosse/Tom Horsley. FFmpeg / VLC.

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Hello All,

In the recent past I had problems with skipping packages with broken dependencies : ffmpeg-libs , libavdevice : Dorian Rosse adviced to install with  " rpmfind ffmpeg-libs and libavdevice".

No result.

Tom Horsley did advice  "dnf swap ffmpeg-free ffmpeg --allowerasing".

Result  skip broken dependencies ffmpeg (new !) , ffmpeg-libs , libavdevice : So no result.

I solved the problem with dnf update ffmpeg --allowerase and all problems where sollved.

Now Tom has a new problem with VLC player. Well so have I : What is wrong with ffmpeg ?

Dnf wants to update Live 555 to 2023.06.20-2.f38 , when doing so the vlc player cannot be launched anymore.

So I found the following solution "dnf install vlc" : The result a downgrade on Live 555 and big surprice all (VLC) runs fine !

So do not update Live 555.

One way or another I have the impression that DNF is for the most of us to complex.

Nice to hear from you all.

Ger van Dijck.

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