Re: Bluetooth headphones remain visible in Plasma Audio volume after disconnect

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On Thu, 2023-08-10 at 07:49 +0000, Blaz Rojc wrote:
> I use Bluetooth headphones (Razer Barracuda X) with my laptop (Dell
> Latitude 5530) running the KDE Plasma spin of Fedora 38. In the last
> week or so, I noticed that every time the headphones disconnect or
> change profile, a "new" device shows up in the Audio volume panel and
> the "old" one stays there, doing nothing. This doesn't really affect
> the use of the headphones, except that scrolling to change volume
> doesn't work anymore, as the panel defaults to changing the "old"
> device, which stays unchanged. I have to manually open the panel and
> drag the slider to change volume.
> Does anyone know how should I tackle this problem or where should I
> write for help? I feel like this should be a recent bug, as I have
> been using the headphones without issues for a couple months now, and
> it only recently started breaking.

If you think it's a KDE/Plasma issue I suggest you post this on the
Fedora KDE list:


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