Bluetooth headphones remain visible in Plasma Audio volume after disconnect

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I use Bluetooth headphones (Razer Barracuda X) with my laptop (Dell Latitude 5530) running the KDE Plasma spin of Fedora 38. In the last week or so, I noticed that every time the headphones disconnect or change profile, a "new" device shows up in the Audio volume panel and the "old" one stays there, doing nothing. This doesn't really affect the use of the headphones, except that scrolling to change volume doesn't work anymore, as the panel defaults to changing the "old" device, which stays unchanged. I have to manually open the panel and drag the slider to change volume.

Does anyone know how should I tackle this problem or where should I write for help? I feel like this should be a recent bug, as I have been using the headphones without issues for a couple months now, and it only recently started breaking.

Thank you in advance for any help!

PS: I can provide screenshots of the Audio volume panel, but I don't know how to include images here.
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