Re: Need help; safe way to shrink my fedora38 installation disk

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On Sat, Jul 29, 2023 at 3:04 PM KarlderLetzte <karlderletzte@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello everybody,
thank you all for the information.
Unfortunately i do not fully understand, how to manage the shrinking.
For now, i will install the new linux on a external disc, boot and then
copy content from the f38 installation.

Am I correct in thinking you were able to shrink the btrfs filesystem,
but are unable to find software to adjust the partition size to match?

You could use the new disk for a backup, then shrink the oversized partition.
See: -- shrink the
btrfs filesystem a bit smaller than you want, use fstab to resize the partition,
then expand btrfs to use the full partition. lists the advantages of btrfs
the old way, long and work intensive (finding the correct partition
size, choose the filesystem typ and so on.).
i think, it is annoying, that btrfs with f38 is so hard to use for this
my new filesystem will not be btfrs.

All filesystems need backups.  It seems wasteful to do an extra install.

George N. White III

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