Re: console logging during shutdown.

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On 26 Jul 2023, at 02:43, home user <mattisonw@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I tried to research plymouth.  I found little information about it; no hint of any configuration or customization file.

Its only config is the theme to use as I recall.
I wrote one of those theme for an embedded system a long time ago.

So I'm very nervous about removing plymouth.

Wise to check.

It is safe to remove. I do it all the time.

When you do the dnf remove you should see this:

$ dnf remove plymouth-*
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                               Architecture        Version                         Repository            Size
 plymouth-core-libs                    x86_64              22.02.122-4.fc38                @fedora              290 k
 plymouth-graphics-libs                x86_64              22.02.122-4.fc38                @fedora              157 k
 plymouth-plugin-label                 x86_64              22.02.122-4.fc38                @fedora               20 k
 plymouth-plugin-two-step              x86_64              22.02.122-4.fc38                @fedora               72 k
 plymouth-scripts                      x86_64              22.02.122-4.fc38                @fedora               25 k
 plymouth-system-theme                 x86_64              22.02.122-4.fc38                @fedora                0
 plymouth-theme-spinner                x86_64              22.02.122-4.fc38                @fedora              141 k
Removing dependent packages:
 plymouth                              x86_64              22.02.122-4.fc38                @fedora              339 k

Transaction Summary
Remove  8 Packages

Freed space: 1.0 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

As you can see only plynouth files are remove.

My Fedora router and file server have already had these RPMs removed.

systemd is setup for plymouth to be optional.


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