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On 7/18/2023 7:16 PM, Peter Boy wrote:

Am 16.07.2023 um 20:23 schrieb Bill Cunningham <bill.cu1234@xxxxxxxxx>:

I definitely want to see your doc article.

I first version is now available:

Installing Wordpress (on Fedora Server Edition)

It would be really helpful to get comments, amendments, feedback, corrections!

Please use the issue button using the bug symbol on the right side beyond the blue header bar or the edit button next to it. Or write your comments here on the mailing list.

Well there are some typos but that's to be expected. I am not complaining. What you have written concerning virtualization too is intriguing. I will look into that but one of the first things I do after install is install Xfce4 and firefox. And then httpd. I would like to get the server just as I want it and create an image to upload to GCP, that's my ultimate goal. I will continue to study this though.


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