NOTICE: fedora-triage-list is being re-purposed

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This is a short public service announcement to let you know that the bug triage process has been recently relaunched and we'd love to have you join us.

All the current details are here:

A couple months ago the BugZappers decided to conduct all of their business on fedora-test-list@xxxxxxxxxx because of the already established audience there and the absence of traffic on fedora-triage-list.

As a result, we are clearing this mailing list of all its members now.

In the short-term we will be using this mailing list to collect email notifications for the Fedora bugzilla cleanup to be launched very soon which is described here:

Essentially the user making all of the mass changes will be fedora-triage-list@xxxxxxxxxx

Anyone is welcome to resubscribe to fedora-triage-list if you are interested in viewing these notifications.


fedora-triage-list mailing list

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