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Hey -

I was zapping really old FC6 kernel bugs, and got a most interesting
response to one.  There is definitely the perception that we're not
doing our "jobs".  Fedora is not $DAYJOB for me, but it is something
that I take a keen interest in., and so do as much as I possibly can
on my own time.  Therefore, it's kind of disheartening to see comments
like the one below.  I'll also include the response that I gave to the

In discussing this on fedora-marketing-list, it's apparent that there
aren't enough folks doing triage - this list hasn't been touched since
April, for instance.  Like I said Fedora is not $DAYJOB for me, so I
can't really spend much time during the days.  However, in the
evenings and on weekends (I'm US/Eastern), I'll work as hard as need
be.  Let's get some bug evenings/weekends together, and we can make
some good stuff happen hopefully.

------- Additional Comments From grgoffe@xxxxxxxxx  2007-12-31 18:48 EST -------

Thanks for your input.

I've pretty much given up with my efforts to further the Fedora cause. Here are
my reasons:

1) I opened this case OVER a year ago. NO responses til now. Not exactly what I
would call a timely response I'm sure you'll agree.

2) I have joined several of the fedora lists (fedora-dev comes to mind off the
top of my head. I have posted to the list several times but have NOT received
any responses except from Rahul.

I'm NOT a developer but I HAVE a lot of experience working with systems (> 40
years) of all kinds. I will NEVER tell anyone that I know it all because I just
don't. I do expect to be listened to when I request info or make a suggestion.
EVEN if it's just to tell me to go to hell. This is not unreasonable, I do
listen AND reply to other people when they address me. I just expect the same



------- Additional Comments From jonstanley@xxxxxxxxx  2007-12-31
19:15 EST -------
George -

Thanks for your comments.  In addition to working on bug triage, I'm also a
Fedora Ambassador, so it's part of what I do to try to spread the usage of
Fedora.  I notice that the topic of this bug is an upgrade between arches (x86
and x86_64).  I don't think that this has ever been supported - the last time I
tried it I wound up with a really messed up system.

I can relate to the lack of response on this bug, my current project is to zap
other old bugs like this one.  I see quite a number of them that have been
touched by core developers, and a number of them that haven't been touched at
all, such as this one.  I'm also not a developer, just a power-user who
volunteers time to triage bugs.  I'll forward this to the QA team to see if
there's something that we can do about it (I'm rather new to the team).

PLEASE continue to use Fedora and report bugs that you see in Bugzilla.  Don't
confuse a potential lack of response with a lack of interest - the reports are
valuable.  One of the bugs that I recently triaged (bug 206655) had actually
been resolved shortly after reported, apparently, but no one bothered to update
the bug.

As for the other bugs that you mention below, have you reported them or would
you like help in doing so?  Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or


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