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	Hey gdk, dkl, fedora-triage. I was talking a bit about this in
#fedora-bugs, and mether suggested that I send an email about it.

	Right now bugzilla.redhat.com uses resolutions (CURRENTRELEASE,
NEXTRELEASE, RAWHIDE, ERRATA) and a plain-text "fixed in" field to
denote when a bug was fixed.

	I suspect that things work this way because bugzilla.redhat.com started
on a very old Bugzilla version, long ago.

	In modern Bugzilla, the Target Milestone field would be a more usual
way to handle this. For closed bugs, it indicates the version that the
bug was fixed in. For open bugs, it indicates the version that the bug
is *planned* to be fixed in.

	That has the added advantage of allowing developers to organize their
bug lists by when they plan (or when the project manager plans) to fix
the bug.

	Target Milestones also come from a drop-down box, meaning that they are
a well-defined list which is easy to search on, and people don't have to
remember exactly how to write their version numbers for "fixed in."

	In general, I think the Target Milestone field could be a better
solution than what's being used now. Even if there are other internal
reasons that Red Hat needs the current resolutions, I'm sure that those
could be handled using other features of Bugzilla.

	-Max (Release Manager, Bugzilla Project)
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