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Welcome to science tech mailing list, AndreiR!

> I am Andrei R. I work for a research institute and my main interest is packages related to next-generation sequencing data analysis such as:
> STAR - https://github.com/alexdobin/STAR/
> Kallisto - https://pachterlab.github.io/kallisto/
> Salmon - https://combine-lab.github.io/salmon/

I am glad that you are interested in the packages related to
next-generation sequencing data analysis.
Because I am also interested in the packages, and spending some time
for the packages.

You can check the packages that you are interested in here.

And Copr (User's RPM repository)

> Also I am looking forward to help as co-maintainer of packages if needed.

When you make new RPM package, there is a step that you are sponsored
by someone to get a "packager" role.
After you get the "packager" role, a package's maintainer can add you
as a co-maintainer.

Ref: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Package_Review_Process#Contributor
> If you do not have any package already in Fedora, this means you need a sponsor

I am working at Red Hat. The job is related to Ruby language, not
related to Genomics or Bio tech.
Bio tech is my hobby that I can play in private time.

I am happy to assist you.

Jun | He - His - Him
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