[Scitech] Re: openmpi 3.1.3?

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Benson Muite <benson_muite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Because no one else has stepped up to help maintain it and I'm
>> stretched too thin.
>>> Also, they say 2.1.6 is the last release in 2.1.x series, so I'd say
>>> an update to a supported version is a must.
>> I concur as well.
> Can help review if needed.

openmpi 3 is already packaged (in epel7), and epel7 MPI packages should
be rebuilt to include it, which may help somewhat if there's any
particular problem with 3.  I don't think I've needed to do anything
more than add an extra build to openmpi and mpich for the packages I've
tackled so far, i.e. there's no obvious problem with v3, at least for

Presumably anyone doing openmpi breaking changes needs to be able to do
rebuilds of dependencies, as Orion can.
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