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Orion Poplawski <orion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I've created a "scitech" FAS and COPR group for the SciTech SIG
> (  My immediate goal is
> to create some common repositories for updated builds of scientific software
> for EL7 (& 6).  My thought is to have a have common repository
> ( for updated
> libraries, then individual repositories for updated programs like octave,
> julia, etc.

I wonder what other coprs already exist in this area?  I'm sure there
are some, but packages aren't easy to find in a search unless they're
listed in the overview.  As an example, there are are some updates for
EPEL6 of varying quality in
<>.  Are there
conventions to follow?

Is this limited updates, as opposed to new packages and stuff like
kernel modules that can't go into the distribution?  I think it would be
useful to collect things in one place if they're reasonably solid.  I
think it would be more useful than what I've seen of
<> (which potentially covers most of scitech, I
scitech mailing list

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