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Hello Christian,

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> From: "Christian Dersch" <chrisdersch@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: scitech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 7:03:03 PM
> Subject:  Saying hello and asking for a review
> Hello,
> I'm Christian, a physics student at University of Marburg (Germany). I
> added myself to the SIG as I'm interested in free software for
> scientific use cases and really like the Fedora Scientific Spin. Some
> weeks ago I created packages for scidavis and its dependency liborigin2,
> but there is no review right now :( Could you have a look at it?  Thank
> you in advance :)
> liborigin2:
> scidavis:

Welcome to the list and glad you find the Scientific Spin useful.

For reviews, I would suggest you to also announce yourself and your packages
to the fedora-devel list. These links may prove useful:


Hope that helps.

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