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刘定干 <dgliu@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Dear friends: As a novice, I want to use Fedora to do analysis of
> RNA-seq results by using TopHat and Cufflinks softwares.

cufflinks appears to be non-free, in which case it can't go into Fedora,
though there doesn't seem to have been a ruling from fedora-legal on it.

> What kind of Fedora linux software should I download?  Please give me some advice!

Sorry, I don't have time to explain what to do with this, but maybe
someone else can:

You should be able to rebuild the tophat rpm under
<> on anything
RHEL6-compatible or above, but on EL6 it needs an updated boost,
e.g. from that repo.  I'll try to start a fedora20 build anyhow.

A cufflinks rpm can be built from
<>.  The current
bowtie is in the same places.
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