Re: Updating to sagemath 6.2

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Hi sorry for adding the CC, but trying hard to get you attention :-)

2014-05-15 16:50 GMT-03:00 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
>   I am in the last steps on getting sagemath 6.2 working, so,
> what should be done:

  It would be better to coordinate the update, so...

> o Update to pari 2.7.0 -- optional

  At least for sagemath it is ok to rebuild pari 2.7.0; I will use
this patch:
and drop this:

> o Update to pynac 0.3.2 -- easy (I am comaintainer)

  I can do it easily...

> o Update to singular 3.1.6 -- should be easy rdieter has or had it almost ready

  I can leave it for Jerry or Rex, or, I can do it, no problems.

> o Update to ipython 1.2.1 -- exactly this version mandatory

  Thomas, can you update rawhide to ipython 1.2.1?

>   Should temporarily switch to pre built documentation, because
> I could not manage to patch it to build with a sphinx other than
> 1.1.2.

  It appears to work fine, just that would need to upload a quite
large tarball (from my OpenMandriva spec):

# wget
# tar Jxf sage-6.2-x86_64-Linux-Fedora_20_x86_64.tar.lzma
# cd sage-6.2-x86_64-Linux/src/doc
# cp -fpar output ~/rpmbuild
# cd ~/rpmbuild/output
# rm -fr doctrees inventory latex pdf
# cd ..
# tar jcf output.tar.bz2 output
Source10: output.tar.bz2

>   Major issue should be ipython, that must be updated to exactly
> 1.2.1, or major issues may arise (bundling was not allowed) and
> there is already ipython 2.x and ipython 3.x "advertised".

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