Updating to sagemath 6.2

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  I am in the last steps on getting sagemath 6.2 working, so,
what should be done:

o Update to pari 2.7.0 -- optional
o Update to pynac 0.3.2 -- easy (I am comaintainer)
o Update to singular 3.1.6 -- should be easy rdieter has or had it almost ready
o Update to ipython 1.2.1 -- exactly this version mandatory

  Should temporarily switch to pre built documentation, because
I could not manage to patch it to build with a sphinx other than

  Major issue should be ipython, that must be updated to exactly
1.2.1, or major issues may arise (bundling was not allowed) and
there is already ipython 2.x and ipython 3.x "advertised".

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