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2013/1/17 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
>   I followed the procedures at
> and after a reboot, updated my sagemath x86_64 repository.
>   I had a few f15 plexus&maven packages that appeared to cause
> upgrade problems as well as ffmpeg-libs, but this was enough
> for me to convert a f17 computer to f18:
> $ sudo yum erase sagemath
> $ sudo yum erase plexus-appserver plexus-runtime-builder
> plexus-maven-plugin maven-shared plexus-xmlrpc ffmpeg-libs
> $ sudo yum update yum
> $ sudo yum clean all
> $ sudo yum --releasever=18 --disableplugin=presto distro-sync
> $ sudo rpm --rebuilddb
> If you previously had a /etc/yum.repos.d/sagemath-f17.repo, please
> now use

Great stuff. Thank you for your effort.

> There is a Singular update, but the same build should be available
> as an update in a few days
> and I just opened a bug report to update f18 to the same numpy in rawhide

In general, how stable is this? Are there tests to verify this is
working correctly?

I ask because I'm planning to mention using sagemath on Fedora as an
alternative to Wolfram Mathematica to some people on our university,
and I wouldn't mind using stock sagemath instead of packaged one for
the time being, until packaged one gets wider testing.

I'm very grateful for your effort, and having packaged sagemath will
definitely make deployment and updates easier in the long term, but
leaving a good initial impression is really important when people are
exposed to free software.


> Thanks,
> Paulo
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