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2012/7/4 Vedran Miletić <rivanvx@xxxxxxxxx>:
> 2012/7/4 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
> <>:
>> 2012/7/1 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
>> <>:
>> [...]
>>   I just rsync'ed hopefully everything one needs to test the work in progress
>> sagemath package in rawhide, and also have it as a disaster recovery :-)
>>   See contents. The test.log
>> there is the latest "sage -testall" results in my computer. Some failures
>> should be due to missing requires, and most others are still to be
>> debugged.
>>   I made a new screenshot to again have an idea of current state
>> Paulo
> Hi Paulo,
> this looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

  Thanks :-)

  If you can help, after solving these bugzilla issues, the sagemath package
would be in a "pre alpha" shape, that would pass 85%+ of the doctests,
probably not good enough to be added to an official distro, but good
enough for rawhide, and in a way that could have more peope testing...
So, please consider helping with these bug reports:

837156	python-matplotlib	RFE: Please update to latest version 1.1.0
I provided a sample working package, maintainer should update at some point

837166	jmol			RFE: jmol plugin does not work
I only suggested changes, not vital package, but it is what everybody
wants to show in a sagemath install, interactive 3d plots :-)

837441	linbox			RFE: Update to latest upstream release 1.3.2
837427	fflas-ffpack		RFE: Update to latest upstream release 1.6.0
837423	givaro			RFE: Update to latest upstream release 3.7.0
Waiting for package maintainer ping

837142	maxima			RFE: Add patch to allow disabling readline in
rdieter was very responsive to my other requests, so this should be
addressed soon, and is not mandatory, just to make maxima-runtime-clisp
work with sagemath.

785903	Package Review		Review Request: gap-character-tables - GAP
Character Table Library
good to have, but gap should work without it, in this package, I just set
fedora-review+ so Jerry can request a scm for it :-)

819264	Package Review		Review Request: Singular - Computer Algebra
System for polynomial computations
This one is very important, and a core sagemath dependency, waiting for
rdieter comments :-)

825494	Package Review		Review Request: cliquer - Find cliques in
arbitrary weighted graphs
Nobody claimed this review, but it is required both to build and for
sagemath runtime.

> Regards,
> Vedran

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