sagemath 5.0.1 rawhide WIP screenshots

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  After some delay due to several issues, like getting some packages updated
or upstream accepting patches, etc, I did work again on sagemath for fedora.
Also now running rawhide not fc16.

 Sample notebook screenshot:

  Sample screenshot from the xterm starting the sagemath notebook:

  In the last screenshot it was running "sage -testall" but I did not
bother to wait it timeout when running:

sage -t  -force_lib "devel/sage/sage/structure/parent_old.pyx"

because it did dead lock in a select syscall, so I just ^C'ed and tested the
notebook. There is plenty of debugging to do to get it usable, but screenshots
should give a good idea of the current state :-)

BTW, the fedora windowmaker package makes me sad :-) I will try to come
with some patches at some point, and also hope to get xedit reviewed and
packaged, besides probably I am the only user of it :-)

PS: In the notebook screenshot, I need to add a maxima patch, and
will require a patch in maxima if one chooses to use clisp as maxima
backend; patch should be close to

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