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Hello there,
I was considering using this spin as a reference for a tutorial I am
planning, as it contains everything I needed, including
compilers/OpenMPI/Cmake/ATLAS etc.
I was thinking of either using a USB key with the spin and a persistent
home space, or the spin installed in a virtual machine; this would be a
solution for all those attendants who might not want to disrupt their
normal working environment to make sure having the necessary releases of
various software, before having actually taken the course.

I was therefore quite surprised when testing the live image I discovered
that openmpi/atlas/blas come *without* the -devel packages, and are
therefore unusable for compiling new codes (including student
exercises). This looks a bit strange, since a user of this spin is
exceedingly likely to do his/her own development.

So, what are the best options for my situation?
1. Is there any chance to include the devel packages in the spin?
2. Should I prepare a customized derived spin? (I'd really prefer to
stick to the "official" one though ....)

Thanks a lot for any suggestions

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