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From: Amit Saha

> Also I was thinking about the package customisation again, I shall start 
> looking through what was discussed about making a start on some decent 
> package categories for the scientific spin. 

Did you mean individual package categories such as- Physics, Chemistry, 
Biology... ? In that case, it won't be specifically relevant to the 
Scientific Spin, but it will hopefully be useful to the SciTech SIG. 

For astronomy software we generally install the rpms from the ESO Scisoft set on top of a standard fedora install.
This time I plan to install them on top of the F16 Scientfic spin.   Maybe relevant to update the list of those rpms to latest
versions of Fedora  for the next Spin.  

The files are linked to on  which describes the scisoft package.

Best wishes,

Shashikiran Ganesh 

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