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Hello Stuart:

On 01/24/2012 01:42 AM, Stuart Mumford wrote:

I was wondering what the status on having a option of a Gnome 3 based
spin in F17 was?

I was thinking this myself, and good that you kickstarted the discussions. I started a new discussion on the Spins SIG mailing list. I shall keep you updated.

I know we discussed it briefly close to the release of F16.

Also I was thinking about the package customisation again, I shall start
looking through what was discussed about making a start on some decent
package categories for the scientific spin.

Did you mean individual package categories such as- Physics, Chemistry, Biology... ? In that case, it won't be specifically relevant to the Scientific Spin, but it will hopefully be useful to the SciTech SIG.

Also, I remember you discussing about custom wallpapers for the Scientific Spin? Would you like to give it a shot for the F17 spin?


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