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Hello Stuart:

Sorry for the delay in replying. Replies inline.

On 10/21/2011 09:37 PM, Stuart Mumford wrote:
> Hello,
>  >Regarding the first question: I think the SciTech SIG list (this one) is
>  >the best place. You might want to kickstart a new thread with your
>  >proposal and initial thoughts.
> I will start working on this next week, having a bit of a hectic end to
> this week as I am away this weekend and my supervisor is back on Monday!!
> With regards to the meta-package idea the response I got from the
> packaging list is as follows:
> "
> So long as they meet our licensing guidelines, there's nothing preventing
> including of the required packages.  Since IDL is proprietary, I don't
> think a meta-package in Fedora is appropriate, but you could distribute
> this yourself for your use and that of others.
> "
> I think for the inclusion of ~10 packages in the distro it would make
> the installation of a commonly used piece of software much easier. I
> shall probably look into creating and maintaining a rpm file with all
> the deps in on my website.

It will definitely be a useful contribution. All the best.

>  > I have begun to put together all the packages that Fedora Scientific
> Spin ships with here [1]. Kindly let me know if you see any stark omissions.
> The only thing I have thought of is under data visualisation is the
> Enthought "mayavi" package. Which is a really good 3D data visualisation
> package built on python.

Included both in the latest kickstart which is now in the F-16 
kickstarts repository [1], so nightly builds will soon be available. 
(Thanks all for your comments and suggestions)!

> Finally, Is there any more news on including both KDE and GNOME in the
> spin, and also how would we go about customising the installer to select
> one or the other, and later potentially the package categories? I checked with the Spins SIG and the consensus was that its a 
little too late to include both for F-16 as it will also need additional 
testing. So, I will give it a shot for the next release. May be have a 
separate GNOME based spin..

> Stuart
> P.S. Are you still looking for suggestions of wallpapers to include?

I guess its a little too late for this release to be officially 
included. But, if you get the time to get one or two ready, I shall try 
to discuss it with the websites team to put them as download-ables from 
the spins page.


Thanks a lot.

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