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>Regarding the first question: I think the SciTech SIG list (this one) is
>the best place. You might want to kickstart a new thread with your
>proposal and initial thoughts.

I will start working on this next week, having a bit of a hectic end to this week as I am away this weekend and my supervisor is back on Monday!!

With regards to the meta-package idea the response I got from the packaging list is as follows:

So long as they meet our licensing guidelines, there's nothing preventing
including of the required packages.  Since IDL is proprietary, I don't
think a meta-package in Fedora is appropriate, but you could distribute
this yourself for your use and that of others.

I think for the inclusion of ~10 packages in the distro it would make the installation of a commonly used piece of software much easier. I shall probably look into creating and maintaining a rpm file with all the deps in on my website.

> I have begun to put together all the packages that Fedora Scientific Spin ships with here [1]. Kindly let me know if you see any stark omissions.

The only thing I have thought of is under data visualisation is the Enthought "mayavi" package. Which is a really good 3D data visualisation package built on python.

Finally, Is there any more news on including both KDE and GNOME in the spin, and also how would we go about customising the installer to select one or the other, and later potentially the package categories?


P.S. Are you still looking for suggestions of wallpapers to include?
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