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On 10/17/2011 11:28 PM, Stuart Mumford wrote:
> Hello,
>  >You read my mind! I have been thinking of doing this since the day I
> saw the engineering and scientific group.
> Nice to know! Great minds or idiots you choose!
>  >A good starting point would perhaps be to email the release engineering
>  >list [1] and state your intention citing the comps files. [2]
> Excuse my inexperience,
> What is the method to achieve this then? Is it to write a comps file to
> define the categories and sub-categories, then include this in the Spin,
> or in Fedora in general?

Here is what I did when I submitted a patch to one of the comps file:

- Checked out the comps files from the git repository
- Made my changes. Please see [1]
- Discussed the patch on the release engineering list and request 
someone to push it on behalf of you.

> What would be the best way to get suggestions of categories / packages
> from the wider community? And what about intergration with groups such
> as the Astronomy SIG?

Regarding the first question: I think the SciTech SIG list (this one) is 
the best place. You might want to kickstart a new thread with your 
proposal and initial thoughts.

Regarding the second question, I am not quite sure. SciTech SIG is 
definitely the more general group, so to speak. Integration is something 
which I personally am not too sure about..sorry.

> Also, would the best place to start be to branch the comps files git
> tree? Or not?!

Yes, please.

>  >As far as I know, Fedora's "package groups" try to address such a concern.
>  >  I might be completely off track here though. But, please discuss
> this issue on the packaging list[.]
> I have emailed the packaging list about this FYI.

Great. Shall look forward to any further updates on this.



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